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Announcing our overflow hotel!

We are sold out of rooms in the Hilton.  For those of you who have been keeping an eye on the registration system, you’ll probably already know this.  Those of you on the room waiting list will certainly know this.

We know that as ConFuzzled grows larger, an increasing number of people might feel disappointed not to secure a room in our main hotel.  Of course, the nature of any venue would see us have a finite number of available rooms, and whilst we do our best to accommodate as many of you as possible in the Hilton, we’ll of course have to say ‘sold out’ at some point.  That point has come a lot sooner than it did last time, but fear not – we have a solution!

Yes, once again we’ve secured an arrangement for an official overflow hotel with the nearby Crowne Plaza!  Wanna read up more about this? Sure ya do! GO HERE!

Wanna register?  Of course you do! Just be sure to read all the information on our overflow hotel page, and then GO REGISTER!

With a spot in the overflow hotel, you’ve got a chance to not just come to ConFuzzled – but to also stay at ConFuzzled – for the whole event!  That’s got to be better than not being able to go at all right?  Of course the Crowne Plaza has a finite number of rooms too so we recommend registering soon to avoid disappointment.

If you were already on the room waiting list, you’ll be contacted soon with your options, so please keep an eye on your email.  It will be important to respond to any communication you receive from our team in order to secure a room in our overflow, if this is what you choose to do.

As usual, if you have questions about your registration, contact our registration team directly: email

Rooms almost sold out!

Wow you’re keen!  This year we’ve sold registrations and rooms faster than ever before.  We’re super thrilled that you’re so excited about ConFuzzled 2018, we are too!  Thank you for your support!

Now, to biznizz! As many of you will have noted on our reg stats page – we’re virtually sold out.  The only remaining room type is the Twin Executives.  This could well be your last chance to grab a room in the Hilton, so if you’re planning to register, please act fast!

Note, it’s very important that both you, and your room-share partner register at the same time (ConFuzzled residential registration is for your attendance, and each persons ‘half’ of a room) – we can’t hold rooms on the basis of only one person registering.

All other room types are sold out, and we already have a sizeable waiting list for those room types.

You can of course continue to register for ‘attending only’ if you don’t need a room.

For registration support, please contact

Fursuit badges, get your fursuit badges!

Short version: reminder to all that if you want a fursuit badge, you can request one through the registration system!

Long version follows!

As an attendee at ConFuzzled, you receive a convention ID badge that acts as your pass to ConFuzzled events and facilities. However we noticed quite some time ago that our badge printer could be made to work a lot harder! So, we offer fursuit badges too!

What’s this all about? The idea of fursuit badges started as a way for others to spot what fursuit you wear even when you’re not in suit. You can wear your suit badge as a way of showing others “I’m the wearer”.

Fursuit badges are not a requirement for fursuiting at ConFuzzled; this is just a fun bonus! For the avoidance of any doubt for newcomers to the furry community and ConFuzzled: you absolutely don’t have to have a fursuit to attend the convention.

To get a fursuit badge, just login to the registration system and upload your picture. A photo works best. Then, pickup your badge at ConFuzzled in the registration room.

The first badge is free, with additional badges charged at £3 each.