ConFuzzled 2018 Pricing FAQ

Welcome to our new website!

With each year, the launch of a new website also effectively serves as the announcement of our pricing structure for the next ConFuzzled. Some of you may have spotted that some of our prices have increased this year.  This post should help answer some of the questions you might have.

Why have you increased prices?
Behind the scenes, it costs a lot to put ConFuzzled on.  Our sole source of income to pay for this is through con-fees.  However every year, costs rise.  It’s just part of the way things go.  Through inflation and other cost-increases, the bill for ConFuzzled (expertly handled by our finance team), gets higher.

We resist passing price increases on to you as much as possible, and our first instinct is to always find ways to absorb increased costs.  This is the first price increase in five years, and we’ve tried to keep it as small as possible. It is an unavoidable part of running an event like this that -sooner or later- the prices must go up. Please believe us when we say we’ve done everything we can to keep the increase as small as possible.

Could you not have absorbed the price rises?
With prices rising each year, we always seek to absorb costs where we can, and have done so in previous years.  However, this effect is cumulative – prices keep rising every year, and it’s inevitable that our scope for absorbing cost increases would reach it’s limit.

Whilst we’ve had to increase prices this year, we still feel our pricing represents tremendous value.

Your previously released flyer showed lower prices, why is this?
The prices shown on the flyer were preliminary prices only, and were prior to a full price review having been carried out.

These prices were always subject to change and -as noted above- we’ve had to make the decision this year to increase prices.  The prices being announced along with the launch of the new site now replace the flyer pricing.

Is this because of the venue?
In a word, No.  Whilst you’ll note hotel room prices have increased, this isn’t the only price rise we’ve had to introduce this year.  Costs have increased across the board.  It’s only to be expected that hotel pricing would be part of the general upward trend in price rises – this is just normal economics.

The hotel room costs still represent a great value when compared to regular hotel rates.  We do all we can to ensure our residential attendees enjoy a healthy discount!

Will you be raising prices every year?
We can’t tell you what the future holds, but again, normal economics dictates that prices will rise.  We’ll always do our best to avoid passing on price rises unless we absolutely have to. We will continue to work hard to maintain the best value we can.

Isn’t this just profiteering on your part?
Absolutely not.  In fact, ConFuzzled doesn’t make a profit. We can’t!  Nobody gets paid, and nobody is able to take a single penny ‘out’ of the convention.  In the event any money is leftover at the end of a convention cycle, those funds must be reinvested into the next convention cycle.  End of story.

Is this because the venue and other business you use don’t like us?
Nope!  In fact we have very good relations with the businesses we interact with when putting on the convention, especially our venue!

In fact, the Hilton love us!  They honestly truly do!

At the end of the day though, these people have businesses to run, staff to pay, and they have their own costs to cover as well.  The inevitable reality of economics and inflation means prices just rise over time.  It really is as simple as that – nothing sinister to see here.

We hope that answers any questions you may have.  However, if you do have further queries, please reach out to us on twitter, or email