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Fursuit badges, get your fursuit badges!

Short version: reminder to all that if you want a fursuit badge, you can request one through the registration system!

Long version follows!

As an attendee at ConFuzzled, you receive a convention ID badge that acts as your pass to ConFuzzled events and facilities. However we noticed quite some time ago that our badge printer could be made to work a lot harder! So, we offer fursuit badges too!

What’s this all about? The idea of fursuit badges started as a way for others to spot what fursuit you wear even when you’re not in suit. You can wear your suit badge as a way of showing others “I’m the wearer”.

Fursuit badges are not a requirement for fursuiting at ConFuzzled; this is just a fun bonus! For the avoidance of any doubt for newcomers to the furry community and ConFuzzled: you absolutely don’t have to have a fursuit to attend the convention.

To get a fursuit badge, just login to the registration system and upload your picture. A photo works best. Then, pickup your badge at ConFuzzled in the registration room.

The first badge is free, with additional badges charged at £3 each.