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Sponsor Only Event – Knightmare Live!

As you know, at ConFuzzled we like to give our sponsors some special gifts and extras for helping support the convention!

Alongside our usual gifts and goodies, we also have ‘Sponsor Tiers’. As more and more people register, and we get more sponsors – certain levels are hit whereby additional goodies are unlocked for all sponsors!

Tier-1 has been unlocked, and we’re pleased to announce that for sponsors only, we have a special event: Knightmare Live!

We’re proud to announce that Knightmare Live will be appearing at the convention this year! This special Sponsors only stage show will offer the chance for some lucky sponsors to wear the iconic helmet of justice and take part in the Greater Game.

To learn more, just go here to read the full details!

If you want to sponsor, you can choose to do so during registration. Already registered and want to upgrade? Just contact and ask our team to handle it!

Event signup page now live

For ConFuzzled 2018, we’ve put up a dedicated event signup page, where you can go to learn more about some of the events requiring pre-signup, and giving details on how to apply!

The page is now live HERE, and our first two events are now up there; the Fursuit dance competition, and the DJ Signup!

The page will be updated going forward with more events as the signups become available – we’ll try to keep you updated as the page is refreshed!

Dealers Den availability update

Hi everyone!

We wanted to provide you with an update on how registration for the ConFuzzled 2018 Dealers’ Den is going.

This year has seen our fastest rate of Dealer registrations we’ve ever had, and we’re pleased and excited to see that a number of new dealers have tables this year. Numbering 22, they make up a quarter of the Dealers currently registered.

Unfortunately, the speed at which dealers have been registering has meant that the Dealers’ Den has sold out of tables faster than ever before. This year, it has taken just under 3 days – whereas for 2017 it took just under 3 months.

We know that this will have led to disappointment for some of you, and we can only apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

If you haven’t already received an offer of a table or a confirmation email, then you will soon receive an email placing you on the waiting list.

We are relaxing the table sharing rules to help alleviate the waiting list: if you know anyone who already has a confirmed table of any size, and is willing to share with you, both of you should email us and we will gladly arrange it in the registration system.

Alternatively, you may wish to remain on the waiting list for a table. Then, if you are next in line when a table of any size becomes available, we will offer it to you. As with normal dealer registration, this will be done on a first paid, first served basis.

Off the back of the 2017 feedback, we have no current plans to have a second Den in 2018, though we will continue to look into whether it’s possible to provide space for more dealers in the future.

We are already looking into whether there is any way we can improve things for next year. No decisions have yet been made as to how we might do that, but any changes will be announced before registration for 2019 opens.

We would like to thank everyone who’s registered for being patient while we worked through all of the Dealer registrations. As in the recent update from the Registration Department, we would also like thank you for placing your trust in us. We’ll do our best to make this a great experience for you.

If you have any questions, please email

Thank you from all the Dealers’ Den Staff and Crew.