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Art & Photo submissions open!

Our Theme and ConBook department would like you all to know that we’re now accepting submissions of your lovely art and photos!

Your art could find use in our ConBook, or in the theme materials we use around the venue!

To learn more and submit your work, go here:

Reg Payment: Please avoid ‘paying in’ machines

Hi all, a small update with a notice for those of you yet to pay for registration; please avoid using ‘paying-in’ machines at your bank branch.

These machines often don’t allow you to set a reference ID for your payment, which then makes it extremely difficult to differentiate your payment from all the others coming in to our registration team.  If possible, make your payment at the counter and request an ID be set that you can then give to our registration team.  Alternatively use online banking, and fill in a reference during the payment process.

As always, once you’ve made your payment, please email to let them know, and pass on whatever reference you set.  This is also the email address to use if you have questions about your registration.

Our Charity for 2018; The Vale Wildlife Hospital

ConFuzzled is pleased to announce our Charity for 2018; The Vale Wildlife Hospital!  Here’s an extract from our charity page;

Established in 1984, the Vale Wildlife Hospital started off in one person’s back garden as a rescue for wildlife casualties. Over the space of five years this gradually grew until attaining charitable status in 1990.

In 1992 the charity moved to a dedicated site in Beckford where they have a purpose built hospital dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. Over the past twenty years, they have continued to grow, now treating over 4,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals every year.

The running costs for the hospital are high though, and they rely on the support of donations, membership subscriptions and sponsorships to keep them going!

To read more, visit the charity page here! We know we can count on you to help us support this charity, and we’ll have more to share on charity events as we get closer to the convention!