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Gender Neutral Toilets for 2018

One of the items of feedback we’ve heard, is that some of you would prefer to have gender neutral toilets available in the venue.

We’ve worked with the Hilton, and are pleased to be able to let you know, that designated gender-neutral toilets will be available in 2018.  These will be available during the main days of the convention.

The toilets will be located close to the Swimming-Pool end of the venue (see the below map), and will be signposted appropriately.

Venue - Gender Neutral toilets location

(click to enlarge)

We want to make sure that -as a furry convention- we help to be part of the open and accepting nature of the community.  Anything we can do to remove barriers and ensure that the convention is welcoming to all, we will always try our best to do.  If you have questions or comments, please contact