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About Us

ConFuzzled is the United Kingdom’s largest furry convention. With over 40 diverse events scheduled during a long weekend, and a friendly atmosphere of socialising and participation, there’s something for everyone!  ConFuzzled has been running since 2008, when we held our first convention in Manchester.  Since then, ConFuzzled has grown year after year, and our convention in 2018 will take place in Birmingham, West Midlands. ConFuzzled now routinely welcomes over 1500 attendees from all over the world, and we’re thrilled to welcome both newcomers and experienced con-goers alike!

Regular events at ConFuzzled include the Pawpets UK puppet show, as well as live comedy and musical events. Each year our attendees and volunteers run a varied selection of workshops and seminars in areas of furry interest such as Art, Fursuiting, Music, Writing, Gaming and Spirituality.

New to all this?  Wondering what furry is all about?  The furry community is a group of like-minded people from across the world with a shared passion for anthropomorphics: animal characters with human characteristics.  Furries meet and interact online, and in person at social gatherings and conventions such as ConFuzzled.  Conventions provide a place for people to share and express their passion for all things animal, furry, anthropomorphic and more!  Explore our website to learn more about ConFuzzled!

ConFuzzled, the convention, is operated by a not for profit members club, ConFuzzled UK Ltd. This means that no profit is made from running the event by our directors, staff or crew and we do not have any shareholders.  If you would like more information on how the convention is operated and governed, please contact us.