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Our mascot, Brok


ConFuzzled loves it when artists and other creators want to draw, animate, model, or write about our mascot Brok. He frequently features in art displayed in our conbook, or auctioned for charity in our Art Auction.

ConFuzzled is a non-profit organisation that puts on a convention and raises money for animal welfare charities each year, and we feel that Brok should support us in this. We therefore need to ask that you do not use Brok for profit or to appear to have an association with ConFuzzled without permission.

We offer encouragement to artists and other creators who want to use Brok for pieces included in our Art Show which are 100% to charity, or that are submitted to our conbook each year.

Brok loves to see all the pictures of himself on the walls of his den, so we ask that if you have drawn Brok, please send us a link so we can add it to our gallery.

In summary

  • Brok is copyright of ConFuzzled UK Ltd
  • In general, ConFuzzled permits use of Brok’s image for non-commercial uses only.
  • Brok may be used as part of 100% to charity pieces in the ConFuzzled art show.
  • Brok must not be used to support or imply a connection with ConFuzzled without permission.
  • Brok must only be represented in G-rated situations.
  • Attribute with “Brok is © ConFuzzled”, linking to if possible

If you have any questions about this, or wish to discuss a situation that falls outside this, please contact