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Art Wanted

Art and photo submissions are open until 16 March 2018!

Click here to send us your stuff!

Hey, listen!

Every year, ConFuzzled produces a full colour convention book, a bunch of neat hangings, artwork to put up around the venue and a bundle of cool goodies. And we invite you all to submit artwork to decorate these things!

If you want to go right ahead and send us stuff, just drop it in an email to, but remember that we publish under a Creative Commons licence (BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK) and if you submit your work, you agree to let us publish your work under it too. To find out what that means for you, visit

Update 1/3/2018: Following an email query, a note by the conbook cover has been added clarifying that Brok must feature on it. Every year our mascot has been on the cover and we would like this year to be no exception. We’ll still try to find a use for conbook covers submitted without Brok. We apologise for this late clarification.

Art templates

Want to make sure you get the sizes right? We’ve got some handy templates:

Conbook Large format prints

Conbook Cover

Please note: cover submissions must feature Brok.

Pool Window

Double Page

Stage Banner

Full Page

Den Banner

NEC Doors

All of these files are the right size, so just draw, design and doodle on them, send them over and we’ll see if we can find a use for them!

Drawing our mascot, Brok

If you want to draw Brok for us, then there are a few useful references on his own page here.