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Our Theme

It’s time to play, no matter what your favourite game is! ConFuzzled is celebrating the world of gaming of all sorts: online to offline, tabletop to couch co-op – there’s no preferred platform. Grab a controller, a bag of dice, or your Samba De Amigo Maracas – bring it all with you and Let’s Play!

We hope to see fuzzies cosplaying as their favourite video game characters, both in and out of fursuit.

We’d love to see artists rendering images, working pixel by pixel or simply drawing glorious backgrounds for our characters to stand against. (Psst, want to help with that? See our submission guidelines and how-to here!)

There’ll be time aside for considered boardgaming while intense deathmatches can play out on screen.

Modern or Retro, Console or PC, RPG or Shooter, Board or Cards….. At the end of it all, Let’s Play!