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ConFuzzled 2018 : The Vale Wildlife Hospital

For 2018, we are proud to be supporting the Vale Wildlife Hospital!

Vale Wildlife Hospital

Established in 1984, the Vale Wildlife Hospital started off in one person’s back garden as a rescue for wildlife casualties. Over the space of five years this gradually grew until attaining charitable status in 1990.

In 1992 the charity moved to a dedicated site in Beckford where they have a purpose built hospital dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife. Over the past twenty years, they have continued to grow, now treating over 4,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals every year.

The running costs for the hospital are high though, and they rely on the support of donations, membership subscriptions and sponsorships to keep them going!
Some of the incredible facilities that the hospital has are:

  • Fully equipped Wildlife Ambulances which enable us to facilitate treatment ‘in the field’.
  • Large animal accommodation incorporating a separate building for larger mammals, complete with outside, grassed enclosures.
  • A Mammal Rearing Unit, away from the noise and activity of the hospital, used for the rearing of fox and badger cubs plus other animals that may be easily imprinted.
  • A Hedgehog Unit fitted out with glass-fronted, fibreglass caging with the capacity to house up to 120 hedgehogs at any one time.
  • Separate wards for Birds and Small Mammals, and a Brooder Room for housing the youngest and most vulnerable casualties.
  • Dedicated swan and waterfowl rehabilitation pools incorporating intensive care indoor accommodation.
  • State of the art veterinary equipment, including a digital x-ray processor and general anaesthetic apparatus.

To learn more about the Vale Wildlife Hospital, you can visit their website here:

ConFuzzled 2017 : The Badger Trust

badger trust

As part of our ten year celebration, ConFuzzled was proud to return to the charity that we sponsored back at our very first convention in 2008 – The Badger Trust.

The Badger Trust is the UK’s leading voice for badgers, actively promoting their conservation, welfare and the protection of their setts and habitats. They represent and assist many local badger groups comprising a total of at least 3,000 volunteers and 80 local badger groups, as well as working with the government, vets, welfare groups, police and wider public to fulfill their mission.

At ConFuzzled 2017 we were able to raise an incredible £21,113 for the Badger Trust, which is not only a huge help to badger conservation but also brought total amount that ConFuzzled has donated to charity over the years to over £100,000!

To learn more about the Badger Trust, you can visit their website here:

Previous Years

In previous years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing charities, and have raised a grand total of £109,860!

This is an fantastic amount that we have been able to donate to good causes, that has only been possible due to the incredible generosity of our attendees!

Charity Amount Raised
2008: The Badger Trust £1,600
2009: The Badger Trust and The Manchester Dogs Home £2,000
2010: Wildlife Heritage Foundation £6,200
2011: International Otter Survival Fund £10,000
2012: Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary £7,700
2013: STA Ferret Rescue £11,484
2014: The Cat Survival Trust £14,265
2015: Fat Fluffs Rabbit Rescue £13,552
2016: Prickles Hedgehog Rescue £21,946
2017: The Badger Trust £21,113


Suggest a Charity

If you have a UK based animal welfare charity that you would like to see us support in a future ConFuzzled, feel free to drop us an email at!