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GameJam 2018!



Hi! For the first time, because it’s thematically appropriate, we’re having a game jam!

What is a game jam?

A game jam is a when people team up and plan, design and create a game within a short space of time. Game Jams are great fun, and an exciting way to experiment with making a video game. You can make a game, your game will be placed on a page on the website for people to download and play, and your game will be displayed at ConFuzzled!

Our first ever Game Jam ran between the 23rd of April and the 13th of May 2018, and received twelve entries, below! Our heartfelt thanks to all our entrants, we’ve had a great time playing your various games!

Why not come along to Terrace on Saturday May 26, 2018 16:00 – 17:00 to view and play the games, and talk to their creators?

I have a game to submit but missed the deadline!

Email us at


Games are not hosted by us and although we have taken steps to ensure they are virus-free we cannot guarantee this; you should have adequate virus protection for things you download from the Internet! Off-site content is not vetted by ConFuzzled. If you have a query or concern about any Game Jam game, please email us at


Entries appear in the order in which they were submitted!

Flutter To Cfz

Developer Description: A trip to CFz as the little bun flutter (Platformer)

Team: Flutters

Team Leader: Fluttercute

Technologies Used: Clickteam fusion 2.5

Download it here!


Developer Description: GHOSTERY is a puzzle game involving teleportation and puzzle solving. Work out puzzles using the ghost of your previous self, and make your way through each room. Theme: Science.

Team: Team Doggo

Team Leader: Maxwell Kepler

Technologies Used: Unity, Blender, GIMP

Download it here!


Developer Description: A small rube Goldberg machine making game.

Team: Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeko

Team Leader: TiKo

Download it here!

Bubbles 12 Hour Dev Crazy Cube Animal Physics Party Fun Time

Developer Description: 12 hour dev creating thing. Lots of physics and stuff, plug in your xbox controllers, grab other fluffs and play this poorly created bouncy physic thing. Waiting for Nintendo to pick this up it is so good! You need local xbox controllers into a PC to play this game, 2 players minimum.

Team: The Bubbles Experience

Team Leader: Bubbles

Technologies Used: Unity 2017 & VS2017

Download it here!

Brok’s Most Excellent Adventure

Developer Description: Brok’s cookies are stolen by a mysterious cat! Chase down the perpetrator through a side scrolling bullet fest and get those cookies back!

Team: Team Bullet Hell

Team Leader: Gallen Wolf

Technologies Used: Game Engine – Unity. Spriting – PyxelEdit. General 2D – Pixelmator, Natron. General 3D – Houdini

Download it here!

Play it online here!

Trivial Fursuits

Developer Description: Trivial Fursuits is a game about being the laziest fursuit maker, for the worst possible clients.

People come to you to for a lovingly handmade fursuit, but fursuits are hard to make, so you just use your remote-control roomba to suck up discarded fursuit parts from the fursuit lounge!

Remember, it’s not stealing if no one catches you!

Team: Team It’s Not Cheating To Enter Your Own Game Jam 😀

Team Leader: Orona

Team Members: Orona – Coding; Inso – Art + Music

Technologies Used: XNA, Visual Studio

Before you run this game you need to install the XNA Framework

Download it here!


Developer Description: Run a convention by yourself or with up to 3 friends 😀

Team: Furnite

Team Leader: Arakin & Thygrrr

Team Members: Arakin – coding, EosFoxx – art, CoVahr – music, Thygrrr – coding, Shadox – coding, Treyn Puma – planning stage

Technologies Used: Unity, Entitas

Download it here!

Lounge Liason

Developer Description: Don’t let the fursuiters faint! Make sure they have water, food and working fans (and clean up after them)

Team: Five Line Deer

Team Leader: Rosedawn

Team Members: Rosedawn – Design, Art, Code. Music from

Technologies Used: Unreal Engine 4 using Blueprint. Photoshop.

Download it here!

ConFuzzled Simulator

Developer Description: ConFuzzled Simulator (Microgames)

Press spacebar to start game!

Team: Team Megamix

Team Leader: Zenon

Team Members: Zenon: Programmer. Ixis: Art, design, sound

Technologies Used: Flash, Photoshop, Audition

Download it here!

Foxtrot & Tango

Developer Description: Run, jump and slide to the flagpole, in spike and fireball filled levels, where keeping to the music is the key.

Controls: Move: WASD or the Directional Keys
Jump: Z key
Bounce: X key
Restart: R
Return to Menu: Q

Team: Popper’s Arcade

Team Leader: Gamepopper

Technologies Used: Game – Custom Engine (Vigilante) written in C++ with SFML
Graphics – Piskel and Photoshop CSS
Music – LMMS and Audacity
Sound Effects – BFXR with Audacity

Download it here!

Dog Centre

Developer Description: Run a dog centre, keep the dogs in good condition!

Team: voidflame

Team Leader: voidflame

Technologies Used: createjs Javascript Framework

Download it here!


Developer Description: BUNFIGHT! is a hack ‘n slash adventure where you’re given a lot of swords and not quite enough time to pick one.

Team: One Sleepey Boi

Team Leader: Sleepey

Technologies Used: Game engine: Unity
2D art (textures & sprites): Clip Studio Paint & GIMP
3D art: Blender & Sculptris
Sound effects: bfxr
Version control: SourceTree

Download it here!