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Guests of Honour


Dark Natasha

Dark Natasha hails from Evergreen, Colorado, in the United States, and art has been her passion since childhood. Animals have always been strongly featured in her work, so she was delighted to find a whole community of artists like herself during college. This led to her attending Confurence in the 1990’s where she met more artists like herself, and made friends and fans in the rapidly growing furry community.

She also enjoys hiking in the mountains, beer festivals, comics, horror movies, RPG’s, and working on the mother’s horse ranch.

You can find her latest creations hanging with our other talented artists in the Art Show, and be sure to visit her table in the Dealers’ Den if you would like some of her work for your very own.

She’s really looking forward to going to the art show to see what creative things we’ve got to show as well as getting to meet other artists there, this goes doubly so for the dealers den for all the wonderful things that’ll be on sale. Outside this the fursuit parade is high on her to see list so no pressure there Fursuit Team!

You can find more about Dark Natasha at her website or over her FurAffinity page






Ryan Campbell

Ryan joins us too from the USA, originally hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas but now living in San Francisco. Ryan wasn’t originally aware of the furry fandom back in the 90’s but had a keen interest in humans with animal facets to them, he would trawl through bookstores looking for sci-fi books with furry characters on the cover. Back in the day when dial up internet was the only way to get online Ryan found his way to AHWW, the werewolf newsgroup and the art of Terrie Smith and Ken Sample eventually leading him to FurryMUCK leading to where he is now.

Ryan enjoys writing furry fiction–it’s been his niche in our community for a long time. He’s part of the small but dedicated writing group, The Unreliable Narrators, and he’s active in the Furry Writers Guild. Ryan also happens to be an instructor at RAWR, The Regional Anthromorphic Writers Retreat, a yearly furry writing workshop.

Outside of the community, Ryan enjoys the outdoors, camping and backpacking, and he enjoys weightlifting, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy the hotel gym if he gets the time! He’s an avid table top roleplayer, along with his husband Jakebe. He’s been warned in advance that we have good beer, so we’d best start importing the good stuff from the mainland and change the labels!

Normally, we would ask our GoH’s what events they are looking forward to but Ryan wanted to take this chance to say how much he is looking forward to meeting you all at ConFuzzled, as he’s made a number of friends with the European community. He does love karaoke, so whoever’s running that be sure to reserve him a slot!

You can find out more about Ryan at his website PenDrake