It's time to play

ConFuzzled 2018

25th May - 29th May

Our Venue

Once again we return to the welcoming Hilton Birmingham Metropole. The level design may look traditional, but this is no platformer!

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Photoshoot Gallery

They're like taking screenshots of real life! Check out the gallery from the photoshoots during previous years!

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Pricing & Membership

Peruse the room types, membership levels, and controllers* for your adventures in to the gaming realm

*All controllers subject to availability and compatibility with selected platform

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No matter what your favourite game is! ConFuzzled is celebrating the world of gaming of all sorts: online to offline, tabletop to couch co-op - there's no preferred platform. Grab a controller, a bag of dice, or your Samba De Amigo Maracas - bring it all with you and Let's Play!

Announcing our overflow hotel!

We are sold out of rooms in the Hilton.  For those of you who have been keeping an eye on the registration system, you’ll probably already know this.  Those of you on the room waiting list will certainly know this. We know that as ConFuzzled grows larger, an increasing number of people might feel disappointed […]

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Rooms almost sold out!

Wow you’re keen!  This year we’ve sold registrations and rooms faster than ever before.  We’re super thrilled that you’re so excited about ConFuzzled 2018, we are too!  Thank you for your support! Now, to biznizz! As many of you will have noted on our reg stats page – we’re virtually sold out.  The only remaining […]

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Fursuit badges, get your fursuit badges!

Short version: reminder to all that if you want a fursuit badge, you can request one through the registration system! Long version follows! As an attendee at ConFuzzled, you receive a convention ID badge that acts as your pass to ConFuzzled events and facilities. However we noticed quite some time ago that our badge printer […]

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