It's time to play

ConFuzzled 2018

25th May - 29th May

Our Venue

Once again we return to the welcoming Hilton Birmingham Metropole. The level design may look traditional, but this is no platformer!

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Photoshoot Gallery

They're like taking screenshots of real life! Check out the gallery from the photoshoots during previous years!

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Pricing & Membership

Peruse the room types, membership levels, and controllers* for your adventures in to the gaming realm

*All controllers subject to availability and compatibility with selected platform

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No matter what your favourite game is! ConFuzzled is celebrating the world of gaming of all sorts: online to offline, tabletop to couch co-op - there's no preferred platform. Grab a controller, a bag of dice, or your Samba De Amigo Maracas - bring it all with you and Let's Play!

Art & Photo submissions open!

Our Theme and ConBook department would like you all to know that we’re now accepting submissions of your lovely art and photos! Your art could find use in our ConBook, or in the theme materials we use around the venue! To learn more and submit your work, go here:

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Reg Payment: Please avoid ‘paying in’ machines

Hi all, a small update with a notice for those of you yet to pay for registration; please avoid using ‘paying-in’ machines at your bank branch. These machines often don’t allow you to set a reference ID for your payment, which then makes it extremely difficult to differentiate your payment from all the others coming […]

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Our Charity for 2018; The Vale Wildlife Hospital

ConFuzzled is pleased to announce our Charity for 2018; The Vale Wildlife Hospital!  Here’s an extract from our charity page; Established in 1984, the Vale Wildlife Hospital started off in one person’s back garden as a rescue for wildlife casualties. Over the space of five years this gradually grew until attaining charitable status in 1990. […]

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