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Why Sponsor?

So every year we at ConFuzzled try our hardest to give you, our attendees, the best goodies we can and the best ConFuzzled experience we can! You all help us bring the convention to life through your attendance, and for those people who sign up as sponsors we try our hardest to reward you all with some nice gifts in your registration pack!

The extra money you give ConFuzzled by sponsoring goes towards making the convention even more awesome! For example, the extra theming touches around the hotel that aren’t strictly required for the convention to operate, but really add to the atmosphere if they are there.

What do I get?

A warm sense of satisfaction that you’re helping to make the convention awesome! But we also reward you with some goodies.

For several years now we have been running a tiered sponsorship system. The more of you magnificent people who sign up as sponsors, the more we can do for the convention. Last year we were able to give away a special ConFuzzled themed hoodie alongside our traditional t-shirt, an awesome unique sports bottle and a pair of themed coasters.

This year is no exception! Our sponsor gifts this year will include our traditional items:

  • T-Shirt

  • An IRL Telegram Sticker! (Okay, a window sticker), featuring art by Nowandlater!

  • A hollow cylinder with a base and flattened lateral arch fashioned from inorganic ceramic matter, decorated with an apposite image and rigorously tested to withstand limited transportation of cool-to-warm fluids! (…okay, a mug)
  • Sweets! Because the Fuzzball in charge of the Sponsor Packs really likes sweets! We can’t stop him and hey you know sweets are great! You can even request vegetarian or vegan sweets so you don’t miss out! But do make sure to let Registration know.

The Tiered Goodies:

We’ve had good feedback about our tiered sponsor gifts and so we’re happy to be able to offer them again this year! This year we are condensing our offering into only two additional items but don’t worry. This just means that our top tier item is going to be extra spectacular!


Enter, stranger!

ConFuzzled 2018 is proud to announce that Knightmare Live will be appearing at the convention this year! This special Sponsors only stage show will offer the chance for some lucky sponsors to wear the iconic helmet of justice and take part in the Greater Game.

The critically acclaimed comedy stage adaption of the cult TV classic is now bigger and better than ever.

Multiple dungeoneers will be required to take on Lord Fear’s catacombs of evil in a mostly improvised quest. Every show is different, every room a new challenge.

Please bring quest items for us to use in the show, the weirder the better.

Fancy your chances? watch this space and your ConFuzzled Sponsor email newsletter to find out how you can swear fealty to the dungeon master himself, Treguard.

Tier 2: ConFuzzled Swag Bag!

A collection of precious items of loot to add to your inventory, including:

  • An Offline Animated GIF! (…or possibly a lenticular postcard) with art by JibKodi!
  • It’ll look like this, but in real life you’ll have to wiggle your hands back and forth. Exercise!

  • Straight from the horde of Brok the Badger, some Real ConFuzzled treasure! No, sorry, it is not a cookie, but a one of a kind, special edition collectable coin! This coin has been specially minted by the fantastic artist Krhainos.

  • A stylish pin badge to impress your friends and baffle your coworkers! The lovable artwork of Brok dressed in his non-convention day work clothing of Jumping Plumber Adventurer is by Aidenmonster.

  • A VIP Lanyard with art from Skaifox!

Tier 3: A Stylish Confuzzled Messenger Bag:

  • The final tier is a high-quality Messenger bag, perfect for carrying your Precious Items around with you everywhere!
  • The bag is sized for carrying around A4 documents, and has a side mesh pocket to put a small plushie in.
  • Image below is just an approximate example! Our wonderful design team assure me it’ll be a much more exciting colour covered with artwork