Confirmed Dealers

ConFuzzledConvention Merchandise including T-shirts and drinking vessels. Available while stocks last
Dark NatashaGuest Of Honour merchandiseWebsite
The Vale Wildlife HospitalCharity MerchandiseWebsite
AcidMango Prints, Commissions, Merch, and more!
Amethyst Commissions, prints, t shirts, small canvases
Apes Art On the spot art commissions, conbadges and cute things!
Art by FawnspotsOn-the-spot commissions and assorted merchandise!
The Art FoxPrints and commissions
Art of Zod / PlayfurPrints, Badge Pre orders, Comic, Sketches, and Commissions
AsbieArts Prints, furry and fanart artwork both SFW and NSFW. Will be doing commissions on the table as well.Furaffinity Page
The Bear's Essentials Soaps and bath products
BooshieBoo Commission slotsFuraffinity Page
Bulls' Workshop Plushes and fursuit props
Cassius CraftsFursuit parts, props, fursuit harnesses, stickers, lanyards, other bits and pieces and art!
catboots Posters, stickers, badges, possibly t-shirts
Cheesewheel Stuff
Clawdore Prints, commissions, books, craft items, and furry accessories
Coconut Shark Adorable Clay creations, artwork and vinyl products
Crafty Marten Ready player one! Dash down to my table for at-con and after con commissions. I'll also be selling a variety of colourful, high-quality prints, cute keyrings, intriguing comics, pretty pins and silly stickers
Crazy-Go-Lucky Comic, Prints, Pinbadges, and Shirts
CrazyHusky Art, Badges, Tags, and Commissions
Danza Selling traditional commissions to be completed at the con, prints, buttons, badges and many goodiesFuraffinity Page
Demonic CompendiumFursuit parts, artwork, prints, commmissions, sticks, and other goodies!
Dhe Clothing, Accessories, Sketches, Originals and commissions
Dreamywoof Prints, comics, commissions, stickers, badges, clothing
Ethriol Cute SFW & NSFW Prints & Commissions!
Exotic-Erotics and Killveous Merchandise such as prints and cute charms as well as artwork commissions and originals by Exotic-Erotics Official Artist Killveous
Facepaw Studio Purchase fursuit parts and enquire about commissionsWebsite
FarukuCostumes This year will be tail, handpaws of various kinds, a costume or two, stickers/prints/pins, and goodies and more!
Fioxy's Awesome Gaming EmporiumGaming merch throughout the ages including your favourite Japanese friends!
Fix It Fursuits Fursuit Premades, commissions and individual parts: Tails, ears handpaws, feetpaws Commission slots, Pre made partial suitsWebsite
Fluffbug A selection of original anthro artwork merchandise including prints, badges, and dakimakura covers. I'll also be offering commissions
FreyFox Books, CDs, art
furave LED and fiber optic dance wear and accessories
Furrista Parts to make fursuits and fursuit accessories such as collars and harnessesEtsy Shop
Furry TailorFursuit tails and parts
FurSuitsUK Creations Fursuits, parts, and props
Gaz's TrashFursuit accessories, badges, memes etc. I will again donate a significant portion to the charity
Heartlilly Commissions, Pretty prints, silly stickers, and figurinesWebsite
IndiWolfonline Out of Time comic, crafty things, mixed media artworks, commissions, and a dash of prehistoric related merch!Website
iimokookie Prints, comics, badges, keychains, totebags, earrings, premade paws, tails, art commissions, and fursuit commisions
Jasmine-Redkat A4 prints, A3 prints, and key chains
Johis Prints, stickers, charms and originals
Kingdom StarArt prints, comic and commission art &badges
Kloofsuits (986)Fursuit items
Korrok Commissions, prints, magnets and other merchandise
Lapres & Paw Printing Bespoke printing services, gifts and custom printed items. Art, Lanyards, apparel, jewellery, and tech gear.
Made by MercuryFursuit parts, plush collars, props, and embroidered patches!
MAG FERRET!! Toony sketch commissions, shirts, stickers and stuff!
Masquestake A selection of handcrafted fursuit accessories, extravagant masks, devilishly demonic horns and luxurious faux fur tails to ensure that you stand out in life's masquerade! We also accept commissions!
Michele Light Custom sketches and convention badges, prints, t-shirts, resin figures, portfolios, calendars Furaffinity Page
Mirri Commissions, prints, and original art
Myopic Manatee Writing, Sculpts, Fursuit Spray, and Soaps
NeoCommissions and prints
Neonpossum On the day commissions, art prints and originals, badges/pins, bookmarks, and more
Neotheta Pillowcases, t-shirts and other printed merchWebsite
PinkFeral Prints, posters, pins, keyrings, and charmsFuraffinity Page
Pyro Arts On the spot commissions, prints, stickers and buttons
Quickwind Studios Commissions, originals and prints, small merchandise
Rocket Akita Comics, Commissions, Prints & More
Rorschfox Media ArtsFurry artwork, books and keyrings
Rocket Punch Militia Noodle StopComics, A3 prints, nick nacks, and retro game based goodies
The Rolling Woofs Art prints, sketch commissions, badges, stickers, lanyards, wristbands
Rynozerus Industries Commissions, original art, prints, adopts, trinkets and comics
Sanctuary SuitsFursuit parts etc
Sarsencat Macro prints and commissions
Sewpoke Plushies, plushies, plushies!Website
Shagpoke StudiosFursuit partials and fursuit accessories
SillyEggs Stuff Commissions, furry artbooks, NSFW artbooks, prints, stickers
SIRBARKALOT Clothing T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps, Bags, and more!Website
Sketchbuck Fine art and illustration by Sketchbuck. Originals, commissions and gifts availableWebsite
softtaulette Prints, stickers, commissions
Sparklepup Studios Art commissions, stickers, charms, pins, and a whole selection of shiny trinkets
Spiritraptor Leathergear, commissions and sketchwork
Spiz FursuitsFursuit parts (handpaws, heads, feetpaws, tails), Fursuit accessories (bandanas, fleece collars ect), artwork
Star-GazerOriginal artwork CommissionsFuraffinity Page
starslikeroses Starslikeroses brand fursuit parts, spirit hoods, clothing, badges, art.
Sushipurrs Stickers, buttons, commissions, etc
Tazara Art prints, at con commissions, merchandise
ThatWickedSmile - VHSRATPrints, buttons, stickers, commissions. Maybe shirts.Furaffinity Page
Themushman Custom artwork, posters, stickers, and gamer themed goodies!
Traffic Cone CreationsTaking commissions for custom OC hoodies, kigus and spirit hoods. plus various ready to buy costume & accessories!
Trogan Traditional sculptures and crafts
V Products featuring original artwork, and awesome merchandise!Furaffinity Page
Wild-fang Prints, stickers, on spot drawing commissions, and art stuff (one page comics, bookmarks...)Furaffinity Page
Wuffelpawworks Fursuit parts and accessories