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Flash Fiction Competition


Player one, choose your story. Yatta! Here are your rules of engagement!

  • 5 Sentences maximum. Any more and player one will be ring out!
  • This competition is for the Home Brok Entertainment System only. You must write about games, gaming, retro video games, consoles, or anything else matching the theme of the convention this year.
  • The ESRB has rated this competition M for Mature, so if you include Adults Only content, we will not be able to read your entry.
  • Copyright 2018 Brok Entertainment Systems. Any other trademarks or copyrights must not be included in entries.
  • 10… 9… 8… 7… Time is limited! To continue, you must insert your entry into the slot by midnight on the night before the panel! (Sunday night is okay; Monday morning is too late.)
  • The competition will take place on Monday at 11am. You must be present to win!
  • First place will have their story illustrated! Second and Third place were seriously wounded, but the soul still burns. Good thing they get drink tokens, too!

Insert story to continue!

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