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International Snack Exchange

The International Snack Exchange is a well-established tradition of European furry conventions which celebrates the multi-cultural nature of the fandom by inviting people to bring along sweets and snacks which are unique to where they come from and sharing them with unsuspecting attendees. So come to the International Snack Exchange and represent your home land by bringing the weird and wonderful sweets, snacks & drinks and sharing them with other attendees. Watch as they are delighted, disgusted or confused by your local delicacies. Don’t have anything to bring? No problem! Just come along to try things from around the world and have a chat with those who brought them.

How to Snack Exchange

If you have food to bring, be sure to come early and find a table, lay out your food & drinks using the plates & cups provided and write your country name on a card so people know where your food is from. Then take a seat behind your food and wait for people to come in, try your nation’s delicacies and be delighted (or, if British, politely confused). Be prepared to answer questions about the snacks you’ve brought along and be sure to take some time to try out the food everyone else has brought along.

If you don’t have anything to bring, then no problem! Just come along and try out all of the items on offer and have a chat with the person who brought it along to find out more about what’s on offer.

For health and safety reasons, please only bring solid, dry food that is pre-packaged and has a long shelf life (and is within the best-before date). For example, packaged chocolate, cookies, candy, and crisps are all fine, but dips, jars of pickled onions/fish, and home-made cake would not be accepted. Please also make sure the allergen information is clearly visible (or easy for you to explain). Likewise, any drinks must be shop-bought and still factory-sealed, non-alcoholic, and within the best-before date. Lastly, please do not bring any overly smelly foods, such as durian or surströmming — thanks!

Because foods are brought by individual attendees, and because cross-contamination may occur, we cannot make any guarantees about food allergens.