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Want to run an event?

Event submission is now closed. Thanks for the interest, everyone!

Do you have a great idea for an event? Would you like to run it at ConFuzzled? Then good news! Our events team would love to hear about it, and help you make it happen.

At ConFuzzled we have all sorts of events: social gatherings for birds of a feather, game shows, magic (both The Gathering and rabbit-in-a-hat kinds), games of all sorts, panel discussions on everything from poetry to puppets, and more! Most of these amazing events are run by regular attendees like you (yes YOU!). But maybe there’s one missing? Maybe you’ve said to yourself: “The schedule looks great and all, but why does nobody ever run an event like this?” Well, now’s your chance!


There’s a step-by-step guide to submitting an event below. We know you’re eager to get started, but first a few quick hints:

  • You need to be registered in order to submit an event.
  • Only submit events that you want to run yourself, please.
  • Events don’t have to match this year’s theme, but it’s nice if they do.
  • Events don’t have to be furry, but it’s nice if they’re connected to our fandom. If you’re not sure what sorts of events are popular at ConFuzzled, you can check out last year’s schedule.
  • Don’t wait too long! Events need to be submitted by the end of February in order to make the conbook. (Big or complicated events, including anything that will use the Main Stage, must be submitted by the end of January and preferably sooner.) The earlier an event is submitted, the more likely we’ll be able to find it a good slot in the schedule.
  • After you submit an event, we’ll contact you by email at the address you used to register for ConFuzzled. This can take a little while when things are busy, so please bear with us. We’ll use email to stay in touch, including final checks in the months before the convention, so please make sure to read your mail regularly.

Step-by-step Guide

Okay! Once you’re ready, head over to the registration dashboard and log in. You should see a nice big link on the right that says: SUGGEST AN EVENT. Go ahead and click on it.

Click SUGGEST AN EVENT to get started.

Click SUGGEST AN EVENT to get started.

This will take you to another page, nice and simple. Same deal here: click on “Suggest an event”.

Click "Suggest an event" to go to the event form.

Click “Suggest an event” to go to the event form.

Now you’ve finally got to the form itself! You can see what it looks like in the screenshot below. You’ll notice that your name and badge ID are already filled in. Handy!

Please go ahead and tell us the key information:

  • Event Name: Every event needs a snappy name to go in the schedule and conbook. What’s yours? (Don’t worry; you can always change it later.)
  • Event duration/style: If you’re not sure or if this is flexible, take a guess and let us know in the description. As a guide, one hour is a good length for most panel and social events, or two hours for events with a lot of audience participation or where there are a bunch of different activities planned. Of course, games like Werewolves can run for much longer!
  • Your event idea: What’s your event about? How will it work in practice? Help us understand what you’d like to do.
  • Anything else: Here’s your chance to tell us about anything you need to make the event run, or anything we should avoid. All rooms come with air, gravity, light, and even chairs—we’re just generous like that! If you need something more (a projector and screen, pens and paper, the chairs to be arranged a particular way, a ten-foot statue of Sean Connery, …) please let us know. A few events like the Fursuit Dance Competition may need people to sign up in advance. Please also let us know if there are times when you won’t be available to run the event (e.g. if you’re also running a table in the Dealers’ Den, or if you only arrive at the convention on Saturday morning). We’ll discuss these further with you by email afterwards. And if there are other registered attendees who’ll be helping you run the event, you can let us know here—please give us their preferred name, badge number, and email address.

Any questions? You can always drop us a line at for advice.

The form, just waiting to be filled in!

The form, just waiting to be filled in!